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As a freshmen, coming to Carnegie Mellon University posed a lot of challenges, with being so far from home as well as being at an undergraduate institution with a particularly small minority student body. Yet, I would never regret my decision to have gone to Carnegie Mellon University, and feel that I was truly able to reach my full potential. At Carnegie Mellon, I have received many accolades that display the successes, skills, and accomplishments I was able to achieve and further develop through my academic career.

Nevertheless, from the moment I stepped onto campus, mentorship played the defining feature in the trajectory I ultimately was able to take on during my undergraduate and postgraduate career, and will always credit my various mentors for the direction and guidance they were able to provide me and my ultimate successes. 


I now know that mentorship will always play a huge role throughout my life as a mentee, but also as a mentor, because as I learn from my mistakes, challenges I have faced, and the dilemmas I have come across, I hope to pass on my experience and wisdom to them. One of my lifeworks is to guide others that are coming behind me on how to navigate the same path I walked to be where I am now.

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I call out to everyone and anyone, whether you are an undergraduate, a young professional, a high schooler, younger or older to seek a MENTOR. Wherever you are in your academic or professional career, or before you even know where to begin, a mentor is there to show you a potential path or guidance of where to look for opportunities, and what to do with those opportunities!

If you have never thought of having a mentor, or have looked and looked and had no such luck, or anything in between, reach out to me! I would love to be a part of your mentorship experiences and guide you through your academic or professional careers or personal journeys. I am just an email or message away.

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A mentor is like The lighthouse guiding your steady sailing, HElping you reach your destination safely.

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